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Martin learned to drive in a Series 111 109 Truck cab delivering logs for his father’s business many years ago, which put him on the right track with Landrovers. He then had a trial separation and drove ordinary cars for a number of years until a friend took him off-roading one Sunday. This mates nice and shiny 110 had a falling out with a rather large tree stump after which they had a couple of pints in a local pub to help console matters. After scanning the Land Rover section in a classified magazine he purchased an 88” Series 111 the following Tuesday, and that was the last time he ever had any money! He kept the Series 111 for about 2 years having to have the chassis welded at regular intervals until he spotted a Range Rover for sale in the same classified publication and went to see it. The chassis was spotless and the rest seemed pretty good for the price so he paid the man and drove it away. Since then it has been shortened by 14”, had some underneath protection fitted, been raised with a 2” suspension lift, fitted with mud terrain tyres, painted bright yellow and had many character lines applied! Oh, and had both the engine and gearbox replaced. A warning to anybody considering taking up off-roading as a hobby-IT GETS IN YOUR BLOOD. Some pics below show Martin in his yellow rangie, and also in his latest purchase - a lightweight.

New years day close to Devils punch bowl - Steve breaks the ice in Martins rangie

Martin at the mud factory Martins lightweight giving a helping hand to eds suzzi

Martins Yellow Bobbed Range Rover Martins Yellow Rangie - bobbed of course

Martin and Sian in Moab Martin and Sian in Moab

stuck in the mud Battle - stuck in the mud

ditto Ditto

nearly out Nearly out

water gone Wales - for a pit stop - where did that water go....

Fine day at Grand Canyon Fine day at Grand Canyonk

getting muddy getting muddy - not sure where this was taken

getting muddy Mud Factory in the light weight

getting muddy Mud Factory in the light weight - 'so thats where my hat went ;-)'

disco watch you don't scratch it! The 'day car' another landie

TART tarting it in Moab

slindon Just up and over, and around the corner

light relief Light relief - Martins second offroad vehicle

light relief Easter 2005 - a day trip to the IOW - Martin and Andy

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