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New years day close to Devils punch bowl - Steve breaks the ice in Martins rangie

Brian in Wales

Pass the WD40

Ed on a mission Martins Yellow Rangie - in a ditch. Ed is on a mission for those waffles

Martins Yellow Bobbed Range Rover Martins Yellow Rangie - bobbed of course

Mike and Ed in Wales Mike and Ed in Wales

Landie lineup The club trip to Wales

Moab 2003 Mark on the widow maker in Moab

Moab 2003 Steves handy work

Moab - cliffhangar Jakes Jeep getting a helping hand on CLiffhangar 2003

More mud More mud

Moab - cliffhangar Poison Spider Trail - Moab 2003 - Hot Tub

Moab - cliffhangar Gold Bar Rim - Moab 2003

Mud lovely mud

watch you don't fall in!! Slindon off road site .. not a MSLRC member of course

Martins Lightweight Martin Lightweight landie

Waffles help out Mark makes use of his new waffles - Wales 2004

Nerly there Mike Tonks - Wales 2003

Convoy Convoy - Wales 2003

Geoff nearly has a heart attack Geoff nearly has a heart attack

Lions Back Coming down the lions back in Moab 2003

101 Rays 101

Lions Back Don't tell Farabee jeeps we took one of theirs up the Lions back Moab 2003

Lions Back Home in Wales for Mike 2004

Lions Back Martin stuck in the mud - Battle 2003

Lions Back some toyotas tarting it on cliffhangar trail - Moab 2002

Lions Back Martin again ( it was a good day!) - Battle

Landies in Moab Landies are seen in Moab sometimes

Lions Back The view at the end of cliff hangar trail - Moab 2003

Lions Back Not only Martin got stuck

and how not to do it....

muppets in Moab - Gold bar rim.. Jeep drivers eh.. (with appologies to Jake - sorry mate! we know not all Jeep drivers drive like that really!)

Widow Maker.... yeah..

and Finally .. a Moab moment.. you just had to be there...!!!!! the sun was setting .. all was silent .. only to be ahem! disturbed by the sound of WIND!!!

Dead horse point - the setting sun.. and the WIND ....... Its Sian you can hear laughing.. fortunately Mike had not witnessed the event else this would have been just a recording of hyena like noises

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