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My dad brought his first LandRover (A Series2) when I was 6months old and now at 20 not only do we still have it I am hooked on the whole LandRover thing (much to the disgust of several previous girlfriends...)

As soon as I passed my test I realised that I had to get rid of the Fiat Uno I was driving as it kept getting stuck off road! I brought a Suzuki as I couldnt afford a LR, and althoug it was excellnt offroad I needed something with a little more grunt! I brought my Series2 and for about 6 or 7 months it ran well but then decided it would prefer to run on oil instead of petrol! Sadly this ment its retirement from active service as I didnt have the money, expertise or stamina to restore it!

My current LR is a 200Tdi 90 (A big step I know!) which I have to say is brilliant. It is a soft top at the mo but I have plans to swap it for a hard top soon. It has the usual underbody protection, tree sliders, and I am running it on 255/85/16 BFG Muds which I have to say seem to work almost as good as my Grizzly Claws!!

Ed in a hurry Ed in a hurry to get his new waffles out.

Wales Wales - Llanerchindda farm - two old beasties from Ed and Simon

Wales A peaceful drive - Ed, Simon and Brian

Wales Wales in the winter - Eds new 90

Wales Washing the weels - Wales again winter 2004

Wales Wales

Wales Wales - having a paddle

top down With air con

getting muddy getting muddy - on the trails

Wales On safari

trundling along in Wales

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